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Ukulele Group Solves Christmas Present Dilemma

Roy Heatley Published: 24 November 2023

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Group of musicians
Meeting in the White Hart.

Yes, it's that time of year again when more often than not we are presented with that age-old question: “Whatever shall we get ___ for Christmas this year?” (Insert any appropriate name here!) which is then followed by much scratching of heads and blank looks especially when your loved one is that person who seemingly has everything they need.

Well, the Wymondham Ukulele Group (WUG) can easily help you with an answer to that pesky question because without breaking the bank, you can buy that person a UKULELE!

“TA-DAH!” At least one ever-present seasonal problem is now solved.

And to add to the good news there’s already a well-established ukulele group in Wymondham for new players to join.

WUG meets at The White Hart in Wymondham on the first and third Tuesday of every month for a couple of hours starting at 7:30pm and they are FUN sessions. We play selections from our many song books which can be downloaded from our web site wymondhamukulelegroup.com without the need for a password and each week we send out an email to all players with a note of what songs we shall be playing at the next club night.

We also have meetings at The Feathers each second and fourth Thursdays but these are where we try out new songs and perhaps examine existing ‘fluffs’. So this evening is geared more to the experienced player, but no-one is excluded - everyone is welcome.

The new beginner player may feel a little daunted about walking into a club but at WUG we’ve been welcoming players of all standards for the past ten years and many of them are still playing their ukes with us. Over the past twelve months, we have been delighted to welcome no fewer than a half dozen beginner players to the club and they have also continued to play with us as well. It goes without saying therefore that all new players, beginners or otherwise will be made very welcome.

If the new uke owner still feels that a few lessons first would boost their confidence then we have the answer to that too because we have well established links with Gemma and Clara at iloveuke.co.uk based in both Wymondham and Norwich where you can learn to improve your uke playing at your own pace and at whatever standard you are. From beginner to expert - there’s always something to learn. Both Gemma and Clara are teachers of many years experience and currently teach in junior schools across the county. Clara taught my grand-daughter to play and is currently teaching me the bass ukulele so I can happily add my own personal recommendation.

And the final piece of WUG good news is that there are absolutely no subs to pay - the only money you will spend is on the drink you buy at the bar.

Happy Christmas one and all from the Wymondham Ukulele Group!

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