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No Viewings within the First TWO Weeks?

Rebecca Mills, EweMove Wymondham Published: 02 March 2024

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A conversation with a seller who came to market recently brought listing performance into focus. During their first 14 days on the market, they had yet to receive a viewing request for their property. If you are a seller experiencing a similar journey, please read on.

Let’s think back to how the property market was performing and the rather uncertain outlook we were facing this time last year. In comparison, the current quarter of 2024 is a lot brighter!

On the sales front, new listings are up by 14%. And demand is up by 13%. Combined with my experience in Wymondham and surrounding areas, I foresee that the next quarter will encounter further growth and that the emphasis will be on sales, not price increases.

Portal listings i.e. Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market etc, prove most productive in the first two weeks from launching. During this period, you should be seeing high online viewing figures, both daily and in comparison with similar listings. The former is measured in numbers, the latter in percentage. This is due to buyers with online alerts in play, plus the general buzz a new-to-market property generates in the local area. A good baseline would be above 300 daily online views and above 500% of similar listings.

If during this time, regardless of statistics, you have not received any viewing requests, here are some questions to think about:

*Marketing: Would you view your property if it came up in your online search? Does it stand out from the other listings? What do people close to you think of your listing?

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*Exposure: Is your property exposed to the maximum audience? What portals is it on? How are these being leveraged?

*Proactivity: What further efforts are in play to seek buyers' attention? There is always something more that can be done.

Two parties should always know the answers to all these questions: you, the seller, and the one you pay to do just this job: your agent.

If your property is marketed within the average 6-digit price range and is not over-valued, you should have received viewing requests well within your first two weeks on the market. If you haven’t, don’t stop asking why.

For further guidance, regarding a current or future sale, contact me at your convenience. Nothing about property sales happens by itself!

If you are seeking advice and support regarding your property goals, call us ANYTIME on 01953 665 785 or send a text or WhatsApp on 07923 236 076. For interesting news and tips, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Visit: ewemove.com/instant-valuation.

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