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Wildlife Walk

Wymondham 5th Brownies and Greening Wymondham

Andy Speller Published: 26 May 2022

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Photo credit: Susie Heritage

With the weather set fair, members of Greening Wymondham led an early evening wildlife walk for the 5th Wymondham Brownies at Kett’s Park & Wood early in May this year.

For fun and interest, Greening Wymondham produced a simple tick box handout for plants, for trees and a blank section for any birds/insects/animals.

The blank section because plants and trees don’t move whereas birds, insects & animals do.

Underestimate Brownies at your peril! Plants and trees do move – in the wind!

Brownies 2

Before setting off, Susie, the Brownie leader, asked what sorts of plants they might see.

The clever Brownies correctly named more than half the plants and trees on the handout.

A fun time was had by all.

Lots of intelligent questions, lots of noise, lots of excitement. Greening Wymondham were very impressed by how clued up and aware of our environment all these young girls were.

Brownies 3

The walk (and talk) went from the park playground, via the south side footpath (at its best in early May with Cow Parsley in full bloom), followed the hardcore path in Kett’s wood, deviated to look at the hidden gem which is Gristlewood before finishing at the northern exit of the wood.

What did we talk about? Here’s the list - how many do you know? Cow Parsley, Oak grove, Ground Ivy, Herb Robert, Cherry, Forget-Me-Not, Field Maple, Honesty, Dandelion, Buttercup, Plantain, Daisies, Hawthorn, Rose, Orchids, Ramsoms & Horse Chestnut.

What else did we see? Squirrel, Caterpillar, woodlouse, Rabbits & a whole lot more!

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