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Pooches In The Pool!

Sarah Wright Published: 01 July 2022

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Canine dip

One of the major pluses of having a dog is, well, to have fun with them! When the Dip and Dive pool opened in Wymondham, local dog owners were excited. Many dogs love swimming, and frequently our rivers are out of bounds, the beach is a full day out and algae might prevent swimming in local Broads. The Dip and Dive pool is a 32ft outdoor swimming pool for dogs and is right around the corner.

Canine dip

There is a floating ramp to make it easy for dogs to get in and out of the water gently, and a platform to dive in from for the more adventurous! The pool is in an enclosed, safe area, with plenty of room for play around the edges - perfect for reactive dogs who need their own space. There are group sessions for up to five dogs who are confident in the water, puppy classes for three puppies under six months, senior sessions for older dogs or those who like a calmer swimming session, and a solo session consisting of exclusive use for you and potential extra dogs if you wish.

Canine dip leap

Owners are welcome to swim with their dogs too but many are happy to enjoy the action from the poolside as proud parents and take photos. Experienced dogs have a whale of a time - you can hear them woofing from the car in the car park as soon as they come up the drive! They throw themselves into the fun wholeheartedly. There is a trained member of the team in the water to keep the dogs safe, help improve the swimming style of dogs who are a bit splashy, and help new swimmers build confidence in the water. They also oversee throwing the balls and toys into the water!

Canine dip excitement

The benefits of Dip and Dive are many. It is reassuring for owners to know that their dogs can swim and not panic should they fall into water. It is low impact exercise, which is great for puppies who can’t go for long walks and for elderly dogs with arthritis. The water supports dogs with mobility issues and helps keep dogs trim and fit. On hot days it’s impossible to take dogs out for walks until very late in the day. The pool is just around the corner and a perfect way to exercise safely and keep cool.

Dip and Dive is such a fun thing to do with your dog. With a heatwave forecast, and the summer holidays ahead, Centre Paws is worth a visit in itself. There’s a huge field in which to let your dogs off the lead and run; a dog friendly café; an area where agility classes take place; a dog grooming salon, and, in one corner of the field, a glorious 32ft pool complete with crystal clear water sparkling in the sunshine. What better way to spend your time?

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