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Acorns and Conkers Supported by District Councillor’s Grant

Carmina McConnell Published: 01 June 2024

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Two ladies with a group of nursery children holding outdoor games
Sue Knivett and Carmina McConnell with children attending Acorns and Conkers.

South Norfolk District Council has a fantastic initiative allocating each of their District Councillors a £1,000 ward grant to support projects in their local community. South Wymondham Liberal Democrat District Councillor, Carmina McConnell, used hers this year to support the volunteer work at our wonderful local nature spot, The Lizard at Wymondham, and to enhance resources for children at Acorns and Conkers.

Nestled within the grounds of Spooner Row Primary School, Acorns and Conkers occupies a central role in the community. By providing pre-school and out-of-school care for children from ages to 2 to 11, this charity offers vital support to working parents and carers,and extends their children’s social opportunities.

The grant for Acorns and Conkers was specifically aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle during the Holiday Club sessions, enabling Acorns and Conkers to purchase much-needed outdoor play equipment to cater for the diverse age range of their children.

The equipment was greeted with excitement during the Easter holiday club. As you can see from the photo the children are already happily engaging in the new forms of outdoor play.

Acorns and Conkers Trustee and Setting Manager Sue Knivett commented: “The new resources inspire the children to want to be outside. We have been able to provide equipment for all our children so that they can use it all as one group, or age specific groups, or individually.”

Cllr McConnell added: “I am happy to be able to support Acorn and Conkers. Although only a relatively small sum, this £400 investment in outdoor play will encourage physical activity in the fresh air and help foster the children’s creativity and social skills.”

She continued: “South Norfolk and Broadland’s investment in these District Councillor ward grants reflects a commitment to community enhancement, and a recognition of the essential role these organisations play in shaping vibrant and inclusive communities. I am always pleased to learn about new initiatives in South Wymondham and if you have a specific small community project requiring funding, then please contact me and I will do my best to help.”

Cllr McConnell at carmina.mcconnell@southnorfolkandbroadlandcouncil.gov.uk

Acorn and Conkers at acorns@spoonerrow.norfolk.sch.uk

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