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Rotary Challenge Winners Announced

Joe Barrett Published: 01 August 2022

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Abbey painting
Photo credit: Jonah Williams

The Wymondham Rotary Challenge, organised by Joe Barrett, Sara White, and Jon Betts, has come to its conclusion.

We are pleased to announce that Chris Morriss is our overall winner, so has been awarded a £250 voucher which can be used with our sponsor, Premier Travel. There are plenty of holidays to choose from and we wish Chris a bon voyage!

As part of the challenge, there were individually-judged challenges for art, poetry, and photography.

Jonah Williams was our art competition winner, with his beautiful painting of Wymondham Abbey. He has won a £25 voucher to spend at George R. Reeves, where there are many art supplies on offer. 

Abbey Photo in Winter
Photo credit: Keith Tomes

Charlotte Barringer has encompassed the spirit of our town in her poem, ‘The Beauty of Wymondham’. She has won £25 to spend at Kett’s Books, a community-run shop that has a great selection of books on offer.

The Beauty of Wymondham
Glorious protector of the town
Wymondham Abbey is the crown
Above the buildings old and new
Green fields and trees complete the view
A town so rich in history
Beloved by its community
C. Barringer

Finally, Keith Tomes has won our photography challenge. Continuing in the theme of the abbey, his photograph invites us to admire our treasured landmark. He has very kindly donated his £25 voucher for Hemstocks Jewellers to Rotary, so it’s still up for grabs in any events we’ll be running in the future.

If you would like to know more about Rotary and the work we do to support our community, or are interested in joining us, please contact wymrsg@gmail.com for more information.

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