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Little Visitors to Windmill House

Jo Herrieven Published: 01 February 2024

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Elderly lady holds sleeping infant

Friend in Deed is on a mission to bring people of all ages together and create heartwarming intergenerational friendships.

At Friend in Deed, we believe that everyone has something valuable to offer regardless of age. Our mission is to break down the barriers between generations and create a world where everyone feels connected and loved. Our Little Visitor sessions at Windmill House in Wymondham are one way we work towards this goal.

Our Little Visitor sessions are about love, kindness, and connecting people. Everyone is welcome to join the fun and spread joy, from babies to school-aged children.

During these sessions, children and care home residents come together to play games, read stories, and share laughs. It's a beautiful sight to see the joy on everyone's faces as they form new friendships and learn from one another. After a visit, a relative of one of the residents, Geoff Patching, told us, "Looks like everyone, young and old, had a great time. My mum absolutely loves the little children visiting."

We offer a range of support services for care home residents, including those with dementia. These services are all about bringing people of all ages together and creating beautiful bonds. Fran Amiss, Wellbeing lead at Windmill House in Wymondham, said, “The interaction between residents and Friend in Deed's Little Visitors is a real privilege to witness. The benefits to both generations are evident and special bonds are formed, especially with the visiting parents and grandparents that accompany the children.".

Feedback from the residents themselves is also heart-warming, with one telling us “I just love to see the little ones; they make me feel much better. I love children.''

Little Visitor sessions at Windmill House in Wymondham take place every Monday at 11 am. Check out our website or Facebook page for more info and to join our growing community of Little Visitors or to get involved with our other activities and projects.

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