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Revealing The History Of A Wartime Relic In Town

Michael Dixon Published: 01 April 2024

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soldiers in world war 2 practicing with spigot mortar

As a boy during the Second World War living in a north Norfolk village I was aware of a gun emplacement having been built on the perimeter of our garden for use by the Home Guard.

Recently, much to my surprise, (having walked through Cemetery Lane in Wymondham many times) to note a similar gun emplacement situated in the bank close to what was then the A11 main road.

Spigot mortar in 2024

It is a Spigot Mortar emplacement built about 1941 as a defensive measure with its primary use to fire at and destroy tanks and vehicles. The pivot in the centre, being over eighty years in situ, is made of stainless steel and is as good as new. History shows the mortars were difficult to use and not popular with the Home Guard.

Fortunately a German landing on the north Norfolk coast never materialised and the defensive positions were never used in anger.

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