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Rebecca Mills Published: 01 September 2023

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A house sold by Ewemove

With the rental market booming, it is time to announce some exciting nEWEs right here at EweMove Wymondham. But first for some useful insight for landlords as we head towards the final quarter of 2023.

We already know that rental demand is at an all-time high. We also know that the cost of sustaining property is high, especially for those with mortgages in place. So, where can you make up the difference to ensure that your financial year comes to a positive end for a positive future? Well, let's start with the avoidance of void periods. Having a good working relationship with tenants, an appropriate Assured Tenancy Agreement in place and good time management, void periods should never be an issue. Next, annual rent and property valuations are a must! Not only do they keep your figures aligned to any market increases, but they allow you to make informed decisions and plan ahead.

A house sold by Ewemove

With this said, the foundation for ongoing success will be found in the quality of the property, the tenant and finally the agent caring for those first two. If you have property coming up for rent shortly, or are thinking of buying to let, you will be interested to know that the current top 5 terms searched by tenants are GARDEN, PARKING, GARAGE, PETS, BALCONY.

Now time for the BIG NEWS…. Feeling grateful towards my past, current and future clients and customers, as well as acknowledging a consistent growth in business since launching in June 2020, the Ewemove Wymondham branch team is EXPANDING! Yes, it is time.

The Ewemove team

This September GAVIN HOMEWOOD will be joining me as ASSET MANAGER. With a wide and varied experience in maintaining rental properties, retail customer care and civil service management, Gavin brings a wealth of vision and skills all aligning perfectly with the lettings environment. We believe the private rental sector should be respected and appropriately treated as the pillar of modern society that it is. Providing quality service to landlords and tenants alike enabling both parties to stand confident and content in their position.

To celebrate this milestone, we would like to offer local property owners a Portfolio Exploration: an in-depth view of your property or properties and its values in both sales and lettings markets, recommended rental figures, its marketability and above all recommendations on how you can increase your return on investment. All free of charge with no hidden clauses – let us do the work: whether it’s confirming your own thoughts or as a second opinion to one of our respected local competitors. Why are we offering this? Oh you know… we just like to raise the BAA.

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