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What Next For Wymondham Magazine?

Published: 24 November 2023

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In brief

It's been a great year for the Magazine. We've had some brilliant new contributors pop up alongside long-standing favourites. Our great community-minded advertisers made it possible and you've returned the favour by turning up and using their services. Our company even received a Business Award for supporting the community. Our actual day job is running a comparison website (who knew?). So how can 2024 top all that?

We Always Want New Contributors

Wymondham Magazine is a community effort. Everything you read on these pages is submitted by volunteer contributors. Anyone can write in.

Our small company puts it all together into a (hopefully) professional-looking package, finds advertisers to fund the whole thing and arranges printing and delivery, so everyone in town can enjoy it all - for free.

We're always on the hunt for new people to take part. We'd love more stories for our News and Sports sections. Has your son or daughter won a prize you're proud of? Has your school team had a great start to the season? Tell us about it!

We can see from Facebook groups that there's so much going on in the town but covering it all ourselves is sadly impossible. Are you a budding reporter craving some experience, who could package things up into tidy articles? Get in touch: news@wymondhammagazine.co.uk.

For our Features section, we've had some brilliant regular pieces this year. Alex Perry's ‘Ted Talks’, Anne Bealing's short stories and Gill Harle's Q&A interviews all come to mind.

If you’ve got a story to tell which might be interesting and relevant to people in Wymondham, we'd love to hear from you. Maybe you fancy yourself a local tourism expert or restaurant critic? Maybe you've got some great photos, poetry or art you want to share. Don’t hesitate to send it over.

Advertise With Us!

We can't say this enough: Advertisers are our only source of funding to print the magazine and get it delivered to houses in Wymondham for free. If your business has some advertising budget available, please consider using it to support us in publishing the community group updates and local stories you see on these pages. And you’ll reach thousands of potential customers too - a true win win!

Next year we will have four seasonal print editions in March, June, September and December. From February there will be a new version of the monthly digital e-edition which will make it much easier to flip through the latest month’s articles on any device.

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