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Vic’s Picks: Best Book Reading Spots in Wymondham

Victoria Humphrey Published: 01 May 2024

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Girl holding book with thumb up sitting outside in churchyard
Reading at Wymondham Abbey.

Once you’ve picked your book from Kett’s Books, one of our charity shops, the library, or your own collection, it’s time to find the perfect place to read it!

As a literature enthusiast, I’ve read many a book, in many a spot over the years, some more preferred than others – rushing down the road in the rain to catch the bus while trying to finish Little Women will not feature on this list. I enjoy a bit of spontaneity regarding my reading spots, so I offer you some great places from across Wymondham. If you prefer more planning before embarking on your own reading, fear not, here’s an article you may consult.

Weather permitting, reading outside within nature is a great balance of quiet and occasional animal sounds. Wymondham Abbey offers numerous benches, some of which with a view of sheep, and others with stunning views of the Abbey itself. They also have some picnic-style benches if you want to spread out or have a bite to eat.

Speaking of food… Wymondham has many great cafés, two that I’ll mention here, which stand out to me specifically for the purpose of reading are, Mad Hatters Tea Shop which faces the town square, and Cavick House Farm located just beyond the MNR Wymondham Abbey railway station. Mad Hatters Tea Shop offers both indoor and outdoor seating. What’s great about their outdoor seating is they have an awning to protect you if you don’t trust the weather that day or need a little shade. I would recommend their flat white and fruit scone with jam to accompany your reading. Cavick House Farm has a very spacious indoor seating area, as well as several benches with parasols outside. Within their large indoor seating area, the chairs have a pillow or fluffy throw to keep you comfortable. They have a number of specialty hot chocolates which are equally tasty and pair well with their cakes.

Another place of much book-reading allure is Toll’s Meadow, again with numerous bench options to choose from. The small stream offers a nice ambient sound. I also find I encounter the most wildlife at Toll’s Meadow, if you like being interrupted by the occasional butterfly or kingfisher. In May and the proceeding months the place blooms and looks particularly great.

My next pick is Priory Gardens, the small park near the Royal Mail Sorting Office. It is very nicely maintained and has an accessible path for pushchairs or wheelchair users. There are a few benches, but the grass is actually very comfortable to sit on and there are a good number of trees to provide you with some shade. There’s also a convenient dog waste bin if you like to bring your pet along with you on your reading sessions.

Hopefully, my picks have given you some ideas or reminded you of some of the great spots in Wymondham to read a book - or even the Wymondham Magazine if that’s more your style. Happy reading!

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