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Town Council Mulls Spending £205k To Replace Existing Skatepark

Jimmy Young Published: 05 November 2023

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A skatepark
Today's skatepark at Browick Rec.

A paper to be discussed at Wymondham Town Council's next full public meeting on Tuesday 7th November recommends spending £205k on replacing an existing skatepark at Browick Park.

Replacing the current skatepark has been identified as 'high priority' in a presentation submitted by the council's Browick Park working group, a group of councillors who meet in private to formulate ideas for the Town Council to consider.

Results from the public survey asking what local teenagers and adults want for the park have not been published alongside the recommendations.

It's unclear how public survey results translate to the presentation's priorities. Photo credit: Wymondham Town Council agenda

It is unclear if a new skatepark was identified as the top priority by users of the park itself. The consultancy that carried out the survey was paid £5290 in October.

Other upgrades such as toilets, better lighting and a cafe were placed under ‘low priority’ or rejected altogether for consideration, so will not form part of improvement works.

The skatepark replacement is part of a wider project to improve Browick Rec, which the report envisages costing over £800k. The proposal cites external sources of funding such as National Lottery grants. The previous Town Council set aside £250k for the project in 2022.

£205k costs over two phases. Photo credit: Wymondham Town Council agenda

The Town Council currently takes in around £600k annually via its share of council tax.

The public are welcome to attend and participate at Tuesday’s meeting, which is at 7pm in the council’s Kett’s Park offices, or write to their councillors in advance.

The full paper can be read on page 10 of the Town Council’s agenda here. Councillors’ contact details can be found depending on where you live. Central Ward, North Ward, South Ward, East Ward. You can find which ward you're in here.

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